The Act

Posted By on June 29, 2020

However and how much to the concretude the abstraction, as this if would conjugate with what we have until here? We could suggest that in the act of if discovering the two possibilities would be implicit, therefore, the concretude would be space as the possibility of the convergence whereas positional factor of reference and how much to the abstraction would be what we have as the time or in poetical terms we could assign it as a track of a possibility of a space that while such is diversified in its disposal. A second, or element or vocation, called a circumstance that surpasses same itself suggests a deepening that we could initiate suggesting that we do not arrive or nobody arrives at a condition of not relation or despite to be or to be is to submit it a circumscription or to be circumscribed for things and others that are before this and thus being which would be the relation of this circumstance with this or this that appears seno of an invitation or a continuous suggestion characterized by what we distinguish as movement and this in turn, as diversification? However if we have a diversification we also have aspect of what we point for extrapolao that could be observed or be perceived in its necessary condition of relation where considered factors prevail as those propitious origins of what we have for social complements, or still groups in detretimento of other groups and thus we have the modismos and the customs that if they install. We could still point this call or vocation the constructions of hasty syntheses as invitations such that make possible umrompimento, that exactly sporadical, with origins or slight knowledge of these as situacionais references where the instability prevails. Therefore, this that in them on this side makes body however of its contours and however beyond them would be a proper capacity of one to develop itself that in turn it would be as one to reflect itself prolongates that it beyond its contours projecting it in relationary points of its circumscription, joining stops beyond its contours, however refusing themselves, however accepting and for other times indiferenciado of amalgamated itself among what mixture of this inside and outside that learned to distinguish. Here it is here the body and its inhabitant who however being this necessarily does not confuse themselves beyond in one this diversifying among varied these. Perhaps at last let us be ready to point out aspect of this, the body modestly, this clipping that its return cuts and if it installs in the figure-deep ambivalence, jumping itself of itself and for itself in its movement that suggests a dance where the track of its contours esbarra among other contours producing rhythm and singularity of its space. Still in time we could ask: Have a body or if a body? has bodies or is bodies? Talvezcom one yes we decided these questions that for itself point with respect to quandaries and as such, bifurcations that in projecting itself allows them and thus being the proper condition of the reflection that in them makes possible the act of cutting or still the movement that in allows the circumstance them. thus we have a possibility of a lesser distance with this, the body..

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