Freedom: It Searchs Or Reality?

| November 2, 2020

FREEDOM: personal or collective concept? Summary from the article homonym of Fernanda Carolina Vaz Can the man be free? But where it consists such freedom? Some would say that freedom is submission absence, others will say that it is autonomy of the rational citizen. Of any form, the rationality serves of subsidy so that the […]

The Act

| June 29, 2020

However and how much to the concretude the abstraction, as this if would conjugate with what we have until here? We could suggest that in the act of if discovering the two possibilities would be implicit, therefore, the concretude would be space as the possibility of the convergence whereas positional factor of reference and how […]


| March 12, 2020

Being thus, the evil drift of the fact of that it does not have an only one well, but many goods, consisting necessarily the sin in the incorrect choice between these goods. The moral evil, therefore, is ' ' aversio the Deo' ' ' ' ad conversio creaturam' '. The fact of if having received […]

The Existence

| March 7, 2020

The morality inhabits essentially in the spirit, however the human spirit is incarnate and only forms one and only substantial being, in way such that the corporeidade is the expressive field of the spirit. The man is subject of the moral, because, while person is of its free will that compromises the moral life; it […]


| March 2, 2020

The heading of the introductory chapter of the book is one of as many expressions that she is used daily. ‘ ‘ It falls in real’ ‘ it is a recent Brazilian slang, that has the intention to call the attention the interlocutor pra that it leaves to dream, and comes back its reality. Showing […]


| March 2, 2020

2,1 Divine science or Theology divine science or theology has as I begin God, relating with the part of the speculative a theology is without movement, that is, it is separate of the non-separable substance and. The divine things are abstracted from the substance and the movement, example of this is the proper God who […]