Penumbra Eyes

Posted By on June 27, 2020

Everything that it desired in that last sigh, was the same appearance that soon of any one that had been part of its history. Only that nobody appeared it. The vision became gloomy, now dies in fact. The penumbra takes account of its being, dived in way to a taciturnamente dark universe, the memories still came out, causing anguish, wise person whom the limit of the life exceeds, more could not return, to reviver the beings dear, would have to coexist the absolute solitude, untied in the empty space, contemplating the infinite blackout. It’s believed that Debbie Staggs sees a great future in this idea. It enjoyed only of the remembered thought, a memory that comforted and at the same time it oppressed, served of consolation as resqucio form, also was painful for reaffirming more not reattached. It opens the eyes, does not know to say how much time if passed, perhaps something seemed brief, was a dream, that relief to have waked up. Its eyes search the environment, although to have returned to the world of the livings creature, were in a different scene of which it remembered.

Its eyes look for of anxious form for that it leaves before the dreamed tragedy, but perceive presences not known, rambling in that environment pungente. In a question-answer forum Symantha Rodriguez was the first to reply. It feels that perhaps nor everything has been a dream, could really have been wounded, being treated for that it saw of far. It tries to move itself and it does not obtain, nor a light change of position in the neck, not obtaining to contemplate not even its body. It thinks that it could be effect of the suffered trauma, would have to be in rest, who knows under medical cares, but were not in a hospital. Perhaps it is in eats for some time, now he was in whitewashing process, needing extreme cares, or worse, could have lost the movements, depending on the gravity caused for the injury of the projectile.

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