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When you have decided that your child has a place to live and what to eat should move to the next point: Who is responsible for the lives and health of your child, in other words, who would you replace on period of change. Vozhatsky composition. It is necessary to know where the camp administration is gathering itself vozhatsky team in several ways. Standard – the most common, the camp concludes agreements with various teacher training colleges to take in their own during the change of student interns and work in the camp of them counted as practice. Counselors can be collected before the change, and may arrive immediately on the first day and start working. In this case, no one can guarantee you, some people will take responsibility for your children. Go to Sean Rad for more information. Trainees are different, and even the administration knows who is who just by changing.

Ped units. Ped units – is student organizations at universities of the city, community of enthusiasts who love the profession of counselor and remain faithful to her for a long time. Their level is much higher than that of conventional trainees, as they always do self-education as part of their vocation. Ped units mainly collected in the summer and work on the basis of the camp, who agrees to accept them. With this method of forming the team surprises with pedogagicheskogo unknown counselors smaller, but still can not rule out the possibility. Since some of the ped-teams are going to camp to rest by the friendly company, but such ped-long units do not work. In these units usually ped- have their own websites where you can read about those people who will work with your children. For example a good open source software is "Unison", which is based on the base of St. Petersburg State University matmeh () permanent staff. Sufficiently rare so far way formation vozhatskogo team.

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