Sustainable Development

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The ambient historian podese not to give to the luxury to make of appeared in dcadade 1930, this new history is to interdisciplinar, totalizante, globalizante, uma ‘ ‘ history problema’ ‘ in opposition to the traditional historiografia, the velhahistria politics and the factualista rankiana vision that history would ambientalganharia propulsion. The proper mentors of ‘ ‘ cole DES Annales’ ‘ Marc Bloch, Lucien Febvre and, as well as, Fernand Braudel, ‘ ‘ disciple’ ‘ a seen history of the superior angle of the nature, with prominence for its workmanship on the Mediterranean. 7 However, would come to be AldoLeopold, biologist and conservacionista, who would launch the bases of the call ‘ ‘ Ecolgica ethics; ‘ with the book, published posthumously in 1949, the Sand Country Almanac (in editionin Portuguese: To think as one Mountain). Leopold studied as the character factors ambientalinfluenciaram of incisive form in the dispute for lands of the Kentucky conflict stopped between French, English traders, North American and native colonists inserted in the optics of the expansion for the oesteamericano. The historians, in turn, would delay to be touched by ‘ ‘ ticaecolgica’ ‘ of Leopold and in, to understand the so important contribution that aaliana between history and ecology could give for the construction of the conhecimentohistrico. 8 celeuma on environment would take account dasagendas> politics of diverse countries from the decades of 1960/1970.Patrocinadas by United Nations, had occurred great conferences internacionaisenvolvendo thematic ' ' environment ' ': initiating for the conference the Homeme the Biosfera, in 1972, in Estocolmo; passing for Echo, in the deJaneiro River; the Conference on Sustainable Development, in 2002, in the South Africa, and, what to many it would come to be the most excellent half tomadahumana with regard to its natural one, the Protocol of Quioto, originadoda 1997 meeting, in Quioto, Japan, that only entered in vigor in 2005.Portanto, as if it can see, the interest for the natural environment and preocupaescom the relations between the man and the other species costumam to be seen comofenmenos recent.

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