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The chancellor Angela Merkel relieves and first-minister Steps manietado Rabbit. This government promised that it went to remodel everything, but the only thing that I made so far was to go up taxes. It is easy to cut, difficult is to cut surgically, where the calls exist located fats, but for difficult times to cut, for if finding camouflaged well, the lbis and groups of interest, that had captured the ministries. It has much time that the government walks to try to cut, but cuts where it can and not where it must. The lbis the one that I mention myself are the board, the civil construction, the doctors, the professors, the public officers and some chambers of the country, that mine and interrupt the cycle of the implementation of the public politics, in Portugal are rare the politics that fulfill its cycle. Angela Merkel during the reception the Steps Rabbit opened a front of battle between Berlin and the countries of the south, when affirming that ' ' in Greece, Spain and Portugal if did not have to be able to remodel more early of what in the Alemanha' ' or ' ' not we can have an only currency where some have many vacations and others poucas' '. These affirmations do not leave doubts how much to the objectivos of Germany, solidarity each more necessary time, in the times that run is to be depleted.

My hope already was esfumou, therefore the government does not go to have courage to reduce the number of City councils, together of clienteles, everything goes to continue in the same one and plus a chance it goes to pass, without the great structural reforms, that urgently the Portuguese State needs is taken the handle. Without this it is not obtained to cut in the expenditure of the State. The only thing that the first-minister took off of cartola is missed. I understand that it is necessary to go up taxes, but does not go to decide nothing literally, because when we increase the taxes the expenditure also increases. These taxes go to destroy the companies and to desestruturar the families, in the end are everything worse, that is, it does not have company and it does not have taxes, because the company disappeared and the Portuguese families finish for declaring insolvent financially. Source of the article:

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