Brazilian Nationalists

Posted By on November 29, 2013

A curious fact occurred in the quarter of the Brs in years 1930/40, impatient with the great number of loving relationships between Italians and Brazilians, Brazilian Nationalists leave to the streets to protest crying out the slogan: Lead Carcamano, foot, Heel of frying-pan. Who gave atrevimento to you to marry Brazilian? 12 Robert Moura in 1 of September of 1974, its column, ‘ ‘ music popular’ ‘ in the periodical, Daily of Carioca Notice, it makes a quotation to the one on the result of this present lingustico contact in the workmanship of Adoniran Barbosa: ‘ ‘ its way to elaborate the phrases, everything in Adoniran directly sends for the language mesti of the Italian, Japanese and Portuguese immigrants and of the natives who absorbed as the new forms of language could. In this direction, Adoniran is an essentially So Paulo composer ‘ ‘ 13. Jose Tinhoro Branches, collaborator of the periodical of Brazil explained the Adoniran personage Barbosa with these words: ‘ ‘ the letters of samba of Adoniran Barbosa are written in a practically exclusive jargon of blacks and mesti the paulistanos democratically identified with descendants of old Italian immigrants ‘ ‘ . Of the proper one interview granted to the program speaks of Adoniran is distinguished it Tram ‘ ‘ TV CULTURA’ ‘ in 1972, where it says: ‘ ‘? I always liked di samba, born I s sambista! gcio di samba was not fci pra m? tra as composit was to difcir p? what nobody would quiria swims cs my letters, cs my letters, qui said di, we goes, we who, we fumus, we let us catch? gora picisa sab fal erradu, naked itself sub fal erradu is milhi in one fal erradu is milhio fic queto, gains more knows? P? what mai in one is Italian not, also crilo says erradu thus, I tenh?

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