Aluminum Profiles

Posted By on November 30, 2013

Unlike the plastic ceiling cornices, aluminum profiles are much safer and more practical. When choosing a heavy curtains special attention should be given to runners eaves, because using them will move your curtains in the profile. For heavy weight curtains up to 25 pounds use a special runners with a roller, and for light curtains and tulle usual, without the roller. Cornices with special runners will cost more than conventional, but the displacement of curtains you will feel great relief in the management of even the most severe curtain. These aluminum ceiling cornices are ideal for hotels and modern interiors, where profiles are installed in two or three rows (for curtains taken up, the curtains of tulle and functional). By adjusting the mounting distance between profiles, we can eliminate cases of grazing fold the tulle curtains.

Another advantage of the profile ledges – in addition to this manual displacement, it is possible to control curtains with a cord. This kind of Management will be convenient for large amounts of curtains or if you can not move the blind hand. If the task is novel curtains on the windows or arched erkernye, profile rails bend easily as in a bay window and the arch. Also ceiling cornices can be bent at the edges of the eaves, if the curtains made on rack over a long distance and must be "parked" directly to the wall. Electric curtain rods Elektrokarnizy used in razdvizhenii very heavy curtains blackout fabric or the overlapping of large windows. Elektrokarnizy, as well as the profile may bend in an arch or a bay window.

Motorized rods are controlled by a remote Remote control by radio signals or through the wall control button. Eaves electrically produced with the latest technology and are able to integrate into the system, such as "smart house" with by wire "dry contacts". In the article, you learned all the possible kinds of curtain to curtain curtains. What rods are suitable for your interior to you, based on the size of the budget and goals. To fully understand the the whole range before you buy is of course familiar with species represented eaves for curtains online or go to our online store for all kinds of curtain curtains

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