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Posted By on December 4, 2013

' The ignorant affirms the scholar doubts and sensible reflete' '! Aristotle Which its idea on what it happens at the moment in we deixar a carne? What you find that happens when is arrived ours, hour when we exceed of the material world for the invisible one? You would know to describe what she means beyond? In the Aurlio dictionary he has some meanings for the word beyond, as: ' ' what he comes after the death; the other world, the eternity, beyond the tomb; ultravida' '. These meanings are used in other words for Leon Denis to say on the survival of the soul in the book ' ' Beyond and the survival ser' '. Denis makes a story on the communication of the espritos and its performances in our lives, is they stops helping or to haunt, through the emitted positive energies that help fleshes-color in many fields of the life, or the sudden appearances or intermittent that transforms definitive places into badly haunted. The book of Denis also induces in them to have certain cares with some communications. The study it was based on the work of the researchers that searched the cientificao of the espiritismo with sights to prove that the life does not finish with the death it body. If somebody suddenly asked: what we are? The reply it is simple, us we are human beings that we emit fluids that will be able in accordance with to act on other people the energy sent through the thought. These energies can function for the good and the evil, as well as also produce the medinicos phenomena many times between livings creature, for example, I want to speak with somebody, concentrate myself in it, it sending the energy of the necessity of speaking to it, and suddenly this person feels the same necessity she telephones and me. .

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