Perrault Time

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The Art of considerable thought and a clear mind and develops a specific language. Measure and procedure compositional balance becomes the basis of classical paintings. Smooth and precise linear rhythm, Statutory plastic perfectly convey the severity and majesty of the ideas and characters. The coloring is based on consonance of the strong, deep tones. This harmonious world in itself does not go beyond the pictorial space, as in the Baroque. The first period ends with Poussin, when it breaks into the theme topic of death, frailty and vanity of earthly things.

It new mood is beautifully expressed in his' Arcadian shepherds. " In the 40-50s the emphasis on making Poussin drawing, sculptural forms, plastic perfection. Of the pictures leaves a lyrical directness, there certain coldness and abstraction. The best in late Poussin are his landscapes. The artist is in the nature of seeking harmony. Man is treated primarily as part of prirody.Vtoraya XVP half century – a long time the reign of Louis XIV, 'Sun King', the apex of French absolutism.

No wonder that time has been called in Western literature – 'great age'. Great – especially for the ceremonial pomp and all the arts, in different genres and in many ways glorified person of the king. Since the beginning of independent rule of Louis XIV, ie from the 60s in XVP. in art is very important for its further development process of regulation, and the complete subordination control of the royal power. Established back in 1648 the Academy of painting and sculpture is now in the official conduct of the first minister of the king. In 1671 the Academy is based architecture. Control of all kinds of artistic life. The leading style of art officially became classicism. Significantly, for the construction of the eastern facade of the Louvre at that time elected not to draft a well-known at that time in Europe Bernini, and designed by French architect Perrault.

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