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The agreement is encounter to make decisions, to which the actors of the organizations come together with diverse interests and in some cases opposed for of equitable form bringing to identity of aims or intentions, diverse things and different intentions. The participation of the different actors in the decision making in the management activities, is important for the human development and is healthful sign for the fortification of the organizations by the multiplicity of positive synergies that it generates. The people like social and participating subject, take more and more she brings back to consciousness of his rights and of his duties, they take charge of his destinies and they manage to put themselves in agreement, to negotiate and to form alliances, in this frame is where we located the practice of the Agreement, understanding it like the act in which several people with diverse interests and points of view agree themselves for the action. If we go to the dictionary, we will very find a notion ligature to arrange that she is the one of Consensus, that comes to be the product of the action to arrange: the decision, seizure of joint way, negotiated, trying to take care of the multiple interests in game. Another important concept is the one of Unamimity, that comes to be the search in the agreement, but through the total acceptance of the involved parts, where absolutely all agree and there are no discrepancies on the taken decision.

In order to get to arrange noncoarse with the single will, it is also required of aptitudes, capacities and skills. The agreement process has like important instruments the Dialogue and the multidisciplinary Negotiation, understood these instruments, like the fluid communication and the effective beginning of mechanisms and techniques for the search in agreements. It is possible to stand out that the agreement looks for to generate spaces of confidence through the communication and the flowed interchange of information, whereas the negotiation, is oriented towards the profit of results expressed in decisions or agreements that are accepted and subscribed by involved.

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