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Posted By on December 15, 2013

In the Open Test started a new service portal online desktop for Russian users – WebDeskTop (, development of which was carried out by specialists of domestic companies' Sympho-group "within two years. If the spring of this year, experts have written that for the west online desktop "rather an idea" ("Vedomosti"), today we can speak about the beginning of its practical application in Russia. Such Russian language services the user has already started meeting on the Internet in the form of 'private rooms'. But they are still small, they are similar and have little in demand and appreciated. The new project WebDeskTop (, starting from the western counterparts, making the next step in the development of an online desktop for a number of key parameters. User is prompted to store files with no restrictions on space (no counterparts of similar solutions on the Internet, and, for example, uses for this purpose foreign services), unlimited e-mail box (now 3 more GB as in Google), free IP telephony (service set to launch). Web desktop – the subject is new to Russian users, who still gets accustomed to this service. Typically, the work begins with the Internet home page, for which some prefer to see Yandex, others – Rambler, and others –

But a system the user is not enough, the amount offered on the Internet useful services continues to grow. And while on a stationary desktop personal computer is constantly increasing the number of different icons of your files, documents and photos. Computer "bursting" by leaps and bounds, and if the technique fail, "the accumulated wealth "disappears.

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