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Posted By on December 10, 2013

The attraction of Western society, Gypsies have won more than the title Mystic people. Their culture we catch, seduces us and invites us to imagination and charm. Many of their traditional practices are more threshed by the capacity that has Hollywood cinema to re-select all cultures for the convenience of the director on duty. However, with the big screen and the narrations of the grandmothers, something we learned from tablecloths world on tables round, balls of glass and Gypsy tarot cards. These images come to mind everytime we want to answer questions in relation to matters amorous, labor, or about what it will bring us the future. There is a very close link between predictions and Gypsy tarot within our everyday life. In most of the countries of the world there are Gypsy communities.

That in fact, to be more precise with words, not on all sides they are known with the same ethnonym. For example, in German are told Zigeuner, Hungarian cigany and in Italian zingaro. Up to the etymological root of its name is so intriguing and mysterious as the Gypsy tarot divination power. It is known that first emigration of this community lie in the 9th century. For some years, experts believed that they were a people that was derived from the Egyptians. However, it was later learned that these assumptions came from the need to harden its origin that took some gypsies to survive in foreign lands. To this day, with all the advances of science, continues the controversy among anthropologists and historians to determine the exact origins of the Gypsy community.

The Gypsies have no own nation-State and have always been minority groups within societies that have been developed. They say that it is unlikely that this tribe has created the typical deck that is used for the Gypsy tarot. Surely, this community that knows no borders, has adopted letters in their immigration in Central Europe. This mixture gave knowledge different envelope as misitico and spiritual, which produced a wealth unmatched by the sum of various popular cultures. The Gypsy tarot deck, was especially inspired by the Tarot of Marseilles, but adding figures own which were acquired in his historical journey through the various territories in which they lived.

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