Coco Chanel Balenciaga

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Born in the small town of Guetaria, in the Basque country in the heart of a humble and very Catholic family. His father was a fisherman and his mother, a seamstress. From small and dreamed of becoming a fashion designer in his spare time sketching designs that looked great. At thirteen, the Marquesa de Casa Torres, who was vacationing in Guetaria, was moved to the anxieties that had the young to learn the craft of fashion, and decided to put a challenge. He handed a piece of cloth with one of its most exclusive clothing, with the aim that he copied and demonstrate their talents. The results satisfied both the Marchioness, who thereafter became his patron. After years of fledgling success, Balenciaga opened a store in San Sebastian in 1914, that would expand to Madrid and Barcelona. The Spanish royal family and the aristocracy wore his designs.The outbreak of the Spanish Civil War was forced to close their shops, and moved to Paris. Balenciaga opened his Paris workshop on Avenue George V in August 1937. imposed a completely innovative style featuring a line sloping shoulders, pinched waist and round hips. It is from the 50s when it begins to be recognized and shows its creativity. Unlike many designers, who sketched his creations but not clothing, Cristobal Balenciaga had a full mastery of couture and tissue management. Coco Chanel came to say: He is only one of us is a true ‘couturier’ (sewing) Coco Chanel expressed preference for tissue weight, which is enriched with hand embroidery, sequins or rhinestones. Stand black dresses, coats and collarless square buttons, the Japanese manga, dress or tunic transparent raincoats. Balenciaga was able to mount a dress with a piece of cloth, hardly cuts or seams, in no time.His ability to create volumes and shapes was amazing, gave the clothes a perfect finish, almost sculptural, concealing all the buttons and stitching thread. Their level of demand led him to disarm an entire dress if it was not to your satisfaction. It created exclusive designs for their best customers without requiring tests, the same Balenciaga Marlene Dietrich said that he knew his actions and that none of his clothing alterations required. He was passionate about the great masters of Spanish painting, especially of Velazquez and Goya, although their models also show cubist influences. It has been said that their perception of women is more Japanese than Western. For example, although their models are not erotic to Western eyes-because they are volumes that enclose or protect the woman’s neck stand out too much, a very erotic in Japan. The list of his high-society clients is long. Also includes Marlene Dietrich Greta Garbo. Wedding dresses made of SMQueen Fabiola of Belgium and The Duchess of Cadiz. It was a legendary figure in the world of fashion and high society, not only for their designs but also for its confidential and rigorous working method and discreet. Received his clients by appointment and organized private parades. He did not like crowds or worldly life. Zealously guards his privacy. One of his last works was the uniform of Air France flight attendants, perhaps the only of its models to be mass produced. He retired after fifty years in existence. After his death, the signature Balenciaga remained active, mostly in the range of perfumes and accessories. Among his colleagues, who would then own signature, include Andr Courr ges, Emanuel Ungaro, and Hubert de Givenchy. His work has been the subject of numerous museum exhibitions, starting with the Metropolitan Museum in New York. His friend, the sculptor Eduardo Chillida sculpture made him a tribute.Currently it is building a museum in Guetaria Balenciaga, but the project is almost paralyzed by allegations of corruption and discrepancies between the public institutions should be involved in their maintenance. Citation needed

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