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However, for the Cuban elite this family continuity is the best guarantee of maintaining a regime surrounded by U.S. and avoid a fractionation of the party and social desbordes. For supporters that Cuba will become another liberal democracy as the rest of the continent are two alternatives: one is to seek a popular uprising perhaps supported directly or indirectly by the U.S.; and the other is pressing for a gradual internal reform. The possibility that in Cuba are repeated pro-Western uprisings in Eastern Europe 1989-91 are not very viable today. USA does not pass through one of its best moments of its history (as it was in) 1989-1991) and is rather muddy in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Western Asia, where view arise, Governments and non-conformist movements (Hamas in Palestine and Ahmadinejad in Iran who puts pressure on Syria, Lebanon and Iraq).

On the other hand, in Latin America the scenario is different from 1989-91. The Washington consensus has been broken and there are already several States which differ monetarist model of fashion in the 1990s. There has been growing a new moderate left that is not cutting insurgent but democratizing. This accepts the market, private investment and the structures of the States which have already ceased to consider seeking overthrow. A Communist Government can be deposed by either forces that they are on your right (as happened in Eastern Europe in 1989-91) or to your left (as it could happen in Eastern Europe in Hungary 1956, Prague 1968 or 1980 Poland). The latter is something that could promote some sectors unhappy Marxists with new inequalities and the increase of prostitution, those who would propose a revolution within the revolution raised desprivatizar, revive democratically planned economy and resuming a militant foreign policy. However, the possibility of going to an overthrow of the regime (either using a rising pro-U.S. or one democratising socialism) is something that, although you can break in the middle of a compressed volcano, is something that is not looming in the immediate future.

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