Anthony Barnett

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These herbicides were known commercially as 2, 4-D and 2,4,5,7 and a total of 50000 tons of them fell on 23.360 square kms of the Asian country, that is, the seventh part of the sudviednamita territory. His action was directed against large and small forests that served as a refuge for the guerrillas and their crops. Curiously, they failed against rice, but half of the forests were annihilated forever and with it a rich fauna of monkeys, Tigers, wild boars and elephants. Dr. Lee Du Bridge, Adviser to the White House for Scientific Affairs at the beginning of the Decade of the seventies, he claimed that herbicides were harmless to man, however, women and their future children were those who suffered the worst part of that war.

In an article on July 22, 1981 in Interviu seminar: the gift of the Uncle Sam de Anthony Barnett. Various photographs of genetic malformations which suffered the creatures attacked with Agent Orange, a product containing dioxin – the teratogen-that caused the deformation could contemplate. The director of The New York Time, in an editorial appeared on 28 April 1981, publicly denounced that American biologists at the service of the CIA and on the pretext of combating malaria, are in Pakistan, creating highly toxic mosquitoes carrying deadly poisons. In the pakistani city of Lahore organized the laboratory entered Pakistan medical research and hence with thousands of Anopheles infected with encephalitis microbes. At least 77 species of mammals, plants 1000, 40 reptiles and amphibians, birds 80 and 40 of freshwater fish are endangered in Mexico, due to the serious problems that affect the ecosystem of the country according to the Mexican biologist Gerardo Ceballos a Chinese 22 years young has died after exploiting the battery of his mobile phone of Motorola brand wearing his jacket in the breast pocket, reported today the Agency official Xinhua.El accident took place last June 19, when Xiao Jinpeng was working as a welder in a mineral processing plant iron in the District of Jinta (Northwestern Gansu province).

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