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Introduction the spirituality in education is a something fundamental which is necessary to practice for can develop a comprehensive education and thus to form students more aware of the reality we are experiencing currently. It is clear that to achieve this, I must first change myself to practice meditation, a spiritual experience. This test consists in the analysis of the topics that are in the three books that Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava wrote they are titled: dialogues HOLISTAS education and perennial philosophy I, II and III. Dr. Gallegos, had several dialogues with national and international personalities who know and practice the holistic education, in which dealt with interesting topics that help us to glimpse on universal love, compassion, happiness and joy. Development the first dialogue, is with Atsuhiko Yoshida (President of the Japanese society for holistic education) and speaks with Dr. Gallegos on education holistic in Mexico and Japan.

They are underway similar in both Nations, although in Japan works accepted European Eastern and Western influence and American and this has generated conflicts. In Japan it educates children in a manner very holistic and teach them to write and use calligraphy inspired by Zen Buddhism that is like an informal education. When World War II ended, Japan lost the balance between yin and yang, between the Western and the Eastern and thereby the destruction of the community were loaded toward individualism, competitiveness, and they began to grow the problems at the end of the 80 s. Mexico is also going through an economic, political and technological modernization living between the traditional and the new and holistic education is needed to balance this, there must be openness to receive what’s new, great value from the perspective of holistic education is that there will be perennial values. To Yoshida, also interested in the study of the Mexican mythology, says attracts me towards its ecological focus, very harmonic and very connected with nature, the human being, his vision was a vision of unity, and of course they are people who were as says Dr.

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