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Here you can try a variety of cakes, pastry-style "in German" or "of Austrian." It also organized concerts. october Fiesta Nacional de la Cerveza (Oktoberfest) beer festival takes place in the first week of October. A very famous festival which takes place in Villa General Belgrano. You can try the German beer, listen to and watch the German national songs and dances. Also at this time there is a parade nationalities living in the territory of Argentina. Including possible to meet a delegation of Ukrainian and Russian.

Fiesta Nacional del Alfajor Cordobes Holiday alfajores (like our cakes but with filling inside). Held in the city of La Falda, where you can buy various versions of the Argentine goodies. Just a lot of music and dance. Central tourist city of the province of Cordoba: Villa Carlos Paz, Cosqunn, Alta Gracia, Villa General Belgrano, Villa Maria. In summer there are carnivals, festivals, fairs nationalities residents of Argentina, coming theaters, concert troupe in short pulse. We have here, even his little sea.

Mar Chiquita. Who 'can not afford' to go to Mar del Plata, come here. Website of the coastal cities and pictures can be Also see here how to swim and sunbathe here can arrange fishing or visit museums. (Range of course not the same as in the international resort and price, respectively). You can also visit the national park Parque Nacional Quebrada del Condorito is located high in the mountains, 90 km from Cordoba and 55 from Carlos Paz. View from 'bird's eye view' as well as many condors soaring in the valley beneath you – it's fascinating. Come here by bus from Cordoba or by car Carlos Paz, then down the street Carcano, leave the city and move in the direction of Altas Cumbres. Official Website – (there is evidence that after heavy rains and snowfall there better not call in) can leave the national park behind us and continue way down into the valley. Here, not far away is the town of Nono, which is 5 km away, is a museum Roxey is a private museum and its founder can be seen passing, one of the halls of their exposures. The museum is open 365 days a year without a break for lunch from 9:00 until sunset. For the first time the museum opened its doors in 1969 on an area of 100 m2. Now the whole exhibition occupies 1530 m2. Here is a 22,305 subjects. Collection affects absolutely all topics that could interest. * Biology * Anthropology * Minerals * Paleontology * Archaeology * Assembly of ancient objects of everyday items (clothing, furniture, bicycles, cars, dinner services, and much more ) * Old Pictures * Ancient musical instruments (by the way, there's even a 18 Years) What else can you see in this museum you can find on the official site in the 109 km from Cordoba is the city of Capilla del Monte, where you can find archival documents and videos proving the presence of aliens in the area. It is located in the Information Center at lntendente Cabus 237. Also in this city a place where fish are bred "trucha". Welcome to Cordoba!

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