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Posted By on December 8, 2013

After drinking wine Replace the second. It makes more sense to hold inverted asanas. But it should be done after consultation with a professional who will tell exactly what is Hatha Yoga. Easier to stop smoking than to overcome the results of smoking. The same should be said that in practicing Hatha Yoga is formed by habit that completely replaces the fatal passion.

Finally, a number of recommendations, if you still smoke and have not engaged in Hatha Yoga: 1. Never smoke hungry. Better to let it happen after a good dinner. Those who smoke immediately after waking up, after only a few weeks to notice problems with the digestive tract. 2. Avoid heavily smoke-filled room, try not to smoke where you rest.

Ventilate the house more often. 3. In his spare time, often try to walk, breathe fresh air. If you live in a huge metropolis, the opportunity to travel to the country. 4. Do not smoke on the move, after loads of sports, and frost, as this would further spoil your lungs. 5. After the last cigarette before going to sleep, always brush your mouth. Scientists claim that the mint flavor beats cravings to smoke, but this is controversial. 6. If you still smoke, it is better to smoke any particular brand, do not be advised taster of tobacco products. 7. With alcohol craving for tobacco, significantly increases, try to steel himself and instead of cigarettes smoked 15-20 10. Please note that the combination of alcohol and cigarettes, the chance of heart attack increases dramatically. 8. Try the following instead of cigarettes to sit down and meditate at home, happy to acquire the feel of a slow inhalation than usual, but the best way – it's stopped smoking! First, try to do the most basic yoga exercises and pranayama. Of course, it is desirable to start it under supervision of a qualified professional. However, even if you do going to do yourself at home, guided by information from books, World Wide Web or video, which today in abundance, you'll surely parted with this harmful habit.

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