| March 31, 2021

Any difficult situation that arises only you do drop something, leave it in the hands of the universe, only life, the father, he knows your OS resignation to wanting to have control of the situation, remember that life is exactly as it should be and not as you want it to be. You need what […]

Start Playing Table Tennis

| February 7, 2020

In table tennis can play. This is a great vacation as a family and for friends. What you need to become a good player in table tennis? Not so much as it seems: racquet ball, table tennis, where you able to exercise regularly, and partner in the game. In Soviet times, were available Soviet and […]

Hatha Yoga Smoke

| December 8, 2013

After drinking wine Replace the second. It makes more sense to hold inverted asanas. But it should be done after consultation with a professional who will tell exactly what is Hatha Yoga. Easier to stop smoking than to overcome the results of smoking. The same should be said that in practicing Hatha Yoga is formed […]