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Group 'Candlemass' was created in 1985 by bassist Leif Edlingham after the collapse of his previous project 'Nemesis'. In the initial composition of the also included Mats 'Mappa' Bjorkman (guitar), Christian Veberid (guitar) and Matz Ekstrom (drums). During the year configuration has undergone a number of changes to the time the team gathered to record their debut album, looked like this: Edling, Bjorkman, Ekstrom, Johan Langkvist (vocals), Claes Bergval (guitar). Created by these guys opus' Epicus Doomicus Metallicus' gave the name of the style of doom metal and made 'Candlemass' legislators of the genre. The music is a completely new direction at that point in rock music: slow, "sticky", dark style, reminiscent of early hard rock albums Black Sabbath, but with a slant towards heavier. By album Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (stylized Latin), the genre became known as Doom Metal. After the plate in the next reshuffle took place, and new team members were Eddie 'Messiah' Marcolini (vocals), Lars Johansson (guitar) and Jan Lindh (drums).

Particularly valuable asset for the group was the Messiah, who had a voice that would be the envy of opera singers. Eddie was also a master of word parts and his appearance on stage in a monastic robe gave a peculiar effect. In this part of Candlemass recorded three of his most famous album: Nightfall (1987), Ancient Dreams (1988) and Tales of Creation (1989). The new structure has demonstrated a bias in the progressive metal, and unusual vocal Marcolini become the calling card of the group. .

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