Who Are The Ptc Really Work Or Are Another Scam More

Posted By on September 30, 2013

Hello everyone, I was for a while gossiping on the web looking for new websites to promote my Affiliate Marketing business, but there was something that I caught my attention and made me stop and write this article. It is an explosion of new web sites that I found in their blogs, created under the blogger platform majorities. All these blogs make reference in so easily it is to earn money with the ptc, however at the same time there are many questions and doubts about this kind of business. In this article I intend to make an explanation about which are the ptc and my opinion about this business model that is very fashionable in today’s bloggers. First thing that hare is to explain what the ptc exactly: the ptc as its acronym in English describe it (Paid to Click) are web sites under the direction of subcontractors, businesses or any individual in particular paying its users by clicking on your ads either banner or emails. Web sites that are engaged in this business have various forms of payment ranging from 0.01 cent click up to $1.00 or more.

It is obvious that while most value has a click, with less frequency will receive ads. As they work? The owners of these web sites are provided by ads and emails with advertising by the business owners and new web sites that come onto the market and need to attract traffic and make themselves known. The ptc site owner charges a membership providers that can be by monthly payments, amount of impressions of their ads or simply by the clicks. For example a few days ago I found one of these sites that offer 1000 click for $30, whereas there are others that offer 10000 impressions by the same amount. But at this time I will not focus on the exact rate, really do not be! Once the deal is done, the owner of the ptc makes its mathematics and begins to send advertising to your users in a way such that succeed in making the amount of click enough to earn the $30 and pay its users crazy by earning a few cents, become while the owner stays with greater slice of cake.

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