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Posted By on October 11, 2013

And you never tried to travel to nowhere? State to break the vicious circle of cases, liability regime, issues and problems … On Friday night, you take a map of their native land, and wagged his finger over his head, poking at the first available page. All, your choice is made! I, as an inveterate tourist weekend, I can absolutely guarantee: wherever you are "poked" – provided an interesting journey! Unfortunately, in the Novosibirsk region there is no high and beautiful mountains of Altai, the magnificent Lake Baikal and the historic heritage of the scale of Moscow and St. – Petersburg … … But we have a natural potential: the mineral springs and curative mud, thousands of saltwater and freshwater lakes, hunting and fishing resources, ski slopes and river alloys. The healing waters of Karachi, brine and mud lakes bitter, the island is not inferior to its curative properties of the famous Dead Sea.

This weekend, my finger got to the point of the lake under the funny name "Chicha". It is quite natural for me was seeing on the map steppe lake, plan a quiet holiday with a fishing rod and his thoughts on the chaos of his disorderly life. While getting ready for the road, my memory looked for some mystery in the word "Chicha," recalls Cheechoo-monkey, named "Chicha" from the neighboring dogs, Cheechoo, the actor, but because of Zdvinskim areas of their field are. Winding line onto the spool, ask a question about Cice, site of the Novosibirsk administration and get a wonderful overview of the village of Chicha: ancient settlement in the steppe Baraba – Archaeological Site of Chicha-1. .

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