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The part next to the ovrio is called infundbulo, and is responsible for capture of vulo soon after its release, and is the place of meeting with the spermatozoa for the fecundao. The great one is the responsible region for the secretion of albmem, being this the part longest of oviduto. The isthmus is the region shortest, where if they form the membranes of the rind. The uterus, or gland of the rind is a muscular and secretrio agency, where it is added fluid to the egg and it occurs the formation of the rind and deposition of cutcula. The vagina serves of ticket for the egg of the uterus until the cloaca (MILK; FISHERIES, the 2009) avcolas species present similarities in the reproductive treatment with other animal species (former.

reptiles) due to presence of small farms specialized in the feminine treatment, in which the spermatozoa inhabit during periods drawn out after one cpula. k Global Group. Two distinct small farms in the avcolas species, one located in the uterus-vaginal junction exist and the other in the inferior portion of infundbulo (BAKST et al., 1994). In the uterus-vaginal region the glands are located hostesses of spermatozoa (Figure 02). The spermatozoa if store after the artificial insemination there or mount natural, to be dislocated by ascendant in direction to infundbulo. The glands hostesses function as mantenedoras of espermtica qualification e, consequently, of the future fecundaes. These glands store spermatozoa during a period of 3 the 4 weeks in hens and the 8 15 weeks in turkey hens (BRILLARD, 1993), even so the fertile egg percentage start to fall inside of 5-7 days in the hen and 14-21 days in the turkey hen (RABBIT, 2006). Normally 50-200 espermticas cells enter in the glands and if they guide parallel throughout the gland.

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