Nursing Fish

Posted By on February 2, 2021

The main factor to stay for the fish is, of course, voda.Prezhde all, it must be defended. How to defend the water depends on the type of fish, as some do not fit, fresh water after the daily sludge. This because one day bleach does not manage to erode completely in 2-3 days the water gets the optimal level of purity. Theoretically, the water can not be stored for several days, and warm up to seventy degrees Celsius, and then cool down – it will take much less time and, moreover, helps to release water from an overabundance of oxygen, which fishes are not useful. Follow others, such as PJ’s Coffee, and add to your knowledge base. After the preventive cleaning aquarium water should not be changed often and in full.

Fresh purified water is poured into the vessel in small portions and only after pre-cleaning floor. Change the water occurs about once a week, and is updated no more than one third of the water. There are some kinds of tropical fish, for which a change of water is stressful, so it is only a little freshen up to a maximum of one fifth of the total. If the water suddenly dimmed, do not raise the panic is premature. Sometimes the haze is caused by the remnants of dry food, and not bacteria. Preventive measures are very simple: remove the debris and temporarily transfer the fish with dry feed. Ideally, they generally need to be evacuated from the aquarium. If a for a while water will not prosvetleet and the unpleasant odor, it is necessary to start a comprehensive clean the aquarium.

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