Traveling and Self Discovery

Posted By on January 13, 2011

Let us live the present as a constant journey and not as an end in itself. Our natural tendency means that, unconsciously, we meet in the past, as someone other than who we really are. We believe that under the current circumstances we have come up with something. Our situation is real. We understand the why of things. Sometimes, depressingly. But with the belief you have completed the cycle. We always talk as if before we were another person, no experience or maturity.

Not us, I / now / don perfect, you’re sunk. We look back as if we were not previously complete. Before we were not ready. Now. That idiot was. Things of age. And we even believe it.

It is a white lie that makes us our minds, but in the end, merely to let us back on a siding. It is a constant throughout our lives. We need to assert themselves telling us that we have come to an end. We cling to that sense of control, however small. The present moment, which is always, is the reference from which to observe the world. We take our weaknesses, care, show interest to us because we are generous and fair, now that we’re older. If you have that feeling. Award! We continue to water neck. Braying, without seeing that we turn the wheel. Now it’s before then invariably. This was easy. We understand that today, like yesterday morning, we stop at a station in the middle of the maze of existence. Our journey continues to flow, though we believe that our history is and part of this, which is the center. And no. We are travelers, as individuals, as human beings as a species. Like Ulysses, the transcendental is not the destination but the journey. It is in the understanding of the journey where we find our thrill of living. To make that determination, to decide to enjoy the constant flow of each step, without neglecting our past, forgiving if necessary, that enough is already very poor, the time is always here and now. At any time, never late or early. And if not what we do, for indecision, cowardice, carelessness, ignorance, or because we want, not coming to punish a vengeful angel. Another time. The remedy is penance. And the here and now still patiently waiting for demos to exit the barn without ram horns. And I do not want to conclude without saying that to me, what I really like, even though it hurts a lot, are the holidays of my people, with their revelry and excitement. But that is another story.

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