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Posted By on October 26, 2011

Medical studies have always been considered expensive, burdensome and this was a limiting factor for many young people as being free studies because it was a public authority, discrimination was because of the expensive books also had a budget to acquire powers adequate books to lend to students, the loan worked, there was, but it was for hours and in the same room of the library was a very limited service. Some medical schools had men who sold these books from various publishing houses, called Padilla Trujillo, Samame, who gave facilities, we paid in installments, ie our parents paid … remember?, But they were expensive. In 1976 he appeared in Lima, the first Photocopies, an unknown group of Engineers and students from UNI, had made the first photocopy paper at the beginning were of poor quality and blurry half, yet were quickly purchased by students, little little has been improving the quality of Xerox, which were performed clandestinely, it was an illegal activity, the original massive photocopying a book and sell it … the publishers trembling, photocopy, students were enjoying. That same year, I made contact with a bachelor of engineering, photocopier group and invited him to Trujillo to study the issue of photocopying, I thought I would never go to Trujillo and from the CEM thought to travel to Lima to buy these copies and sell them students of our Faculty, however … Mr. Lopez Trujillo arrived!, I received it and we went to lunch at the "Norteno" (Miraflores Avenue) with Humberto Liu, also director of EMC, talked and traded on the sale of the copies Trujillo, under the auspices of the CMS, in Lima and sold it to avoid legal retaliation, because the publishers were already aware of the issue of these photocopies, because no one trusted the original books, all copies that were bought for a tip, a nothing beside the original.

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