The City

Posted By on April 20, 2013

As soon as will have a decision you acknowledgment, is well? Now, if I to give license to me, have some phone calls to give, come back to the hall and close plus some good businesses. – With a gesture, it he excused delicately. Seeing that nothing more it could make there, Sara if raised and left, with hopes that really it could make some difference. Arriving in the hall, Maria came running stops to speak with the friend and to know of everything what it happened. – It speaks, faced fera? What it said? – Very it was educated, it said that it goes to see with the Central office and later in them informs.

– Coat seen only remains in them to wait. – It is, while this, we go to continue with our work, that has much people wanting to travel. The days if had passed and it normally continued the life, waiting the notice that had never arrived. After one month, however, a notice placed below all its hopes: The new manager already had been chosen, she came of another agency, and clearly, he was man. While the employees if asked to who age the new employee, Sara was furious, after all perceived that the doctor Axe never had intention to change nothing, for it the women had its place defined in the company and this would not go to move. It tried to speak with it but she did not have success, the secretary had express orders not to bother it, therefore nothing more she remained not to be if to conform or then to leave the company. was what it made, asked for resignation and was to look job in another agency, decision that was taking for Maria and more two employees. Some time later, when they had met, had many new features to count: Sara if became administrator of a store of resale of cars, Maria opened a store of natural products and the others had obtained jobs in the greater shopping of the city, obtaining positions of management in little time. the doctor Axe? Well, they had heard to speak of it, in the local reporter, therefore he was imprisoned, together with the new manager, defendant to deviate money of the agency to play in the horses of the Jckey. What test that who sees skirt does not see ability.

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