Holiday Feast: What Meals Will Help Your Stomach Digest Al

Posted By on April 20, 2013

During long holidays approaching and many of us hold them in the company of plenty of food and alcohol. To enjoy a holiday in full and not get drunk ahead of time, follow these simple tips in choosing the menu the day before. Chicken breast served with wild rice and broccoli, steamed banana and oat smoothie Wild rice has a low glycemic index, that is, gives a more prolonged saturation of releasing energy more slowly. Chicken breast contains large amounts of protein, and the body in the first place takes its digestion and assimilation, leaving the assimilation of alcohol napotom. Banana-oatmeal smoothies energize the body with vitamin C, which reserves lemon eggs and tuna are rich in protein, which slows down the processing of the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. Omega 3 fatty acids contained in tuna will support your health and mood, and peas will improve digestion.

Season omelet turmeric, the spice kills bad bacteria. Try during the day to drink 1.5 liters of water – but in between meals, as the water slows down digestion and causes bloating. Serve minestrone soup with a few pieces of corn bread and fat-free milksheyk Everyone knows that the soups are useful and easy to digest, and soup counts as one serving of vegetables from the mandatory five a day. Cooking vegetables destroys their cells and released Vitamin A, prevarivayuschy alcohol. Liquid will support the water level. Grain bread contains B vitamins and zinc, which make up the loss of vitamins, after taking alcohol. And the most important role played by milksheyk, filling the stomach and slowing the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. What foods should be avoided if you are planning a merry evening? First, the spicy dishes such as curry or chili – spices accelerate absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.

Secondly, all the fat – it is additional burden on the liver. Finally, caffeine, too much coffee causes a loss of water as well as alcohol, you risk severely dehydrated body. If you drink alcoholic beverages, be careful not to overeat. Alcohol slows digestion and can cause discomfort, a feeling of heaviness and even vomiting. How to avoid a hangover? Drink the water twice more than the alcohol – so you "dilute" the concentration of alcohol in the blood. For example, if you drank a glass of vodka after a while drink two glasses of water. Do not mix different types of alcohol such as vodka is the origin of wheat, and wine made from grapes – do not mix these two drinks. Do not forget a snack and doing intervals between doses of alcoholic beverages. Prefer pure alcohol cocktails are mixed in different alcoholic beverages. If you prefer cocktails, choose those in which one species alcohol is mixed with syrups and natural juices.

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