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Posted By on January 1, 2021

For lovers of snow and the various activities that can be done in this medium, is made skiing as the sport combines perfectly with the body in the snow and the chance to enjoy a great sport where high speeds can be achieved by sliding the slopes of the snow covered mountains while enjoying a friendly atmosphere as is typical of certain areas that always have winter conditions, which together with certain adjustments of the land can support the development of skiing and perfect to enjoy as well full of this pleasant mountain sport. From the above we can infer that in order to enjoy the best skiing, optimal conditions must be present in the field for the practice of sport, namely the adequacy of a ski to make possible the various declines avoiding certain conditions that could endanger people, so the slopes are presented as a major component of the sport, so what ideal is to know a little more about the tracks and conditions that accompany them. The ski areas are then ready to enjoy the snow through a process which is marked, the ski slopes are suitable for different means of special machines and depending on the conditions to remain the ski slopes will and color-coded by another type of classification. Digital video recorder shines more light on the discussion. Among the different classifications are given to the ski resorts include: Ski Green: This type of tracks are those for the most inexperienced, as they are very easy to track with a gentle slope, allowing beginners to practice to reach a good level, as well as having a gentle slope are very short, with less than 500 meters, which together with the gentle slope makes these tracks can not reach high speeds. Ski blue: they are intermediate tracks, where they can practice all types of skiers and snowboarders, introducing a higher slopes can be used as any way, we can say that they are mid-level tracks.

Ski red: these are clues to medium-high, so difficult slopes would be appropriate for individuals who already possess a high level in the performance on the slopes, and their declines may have an inclination of up to 40%. Black Ski: these are the most difficult, designed for experienced professionals, since the slopes often exceed 50% slope, also have very narrow steps to perform spins, something particular on this track is that when used by few people are the ones that offer better image. Ski itinerary, are marked with an orange color, are routes that can be used may, however are not marked, so they appear more as an option for experts, since it has greater risk conditions having no rate adequacy. Out of court: in the conditions of the route but not marked, ie decide their route is unrestricted travel to perform, which makes them very gently used, but rather only a few adventurers dare to use them. Cross country skiing tracks: these are the ones with the necessary conditions for the practice of skiing.

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