Architects Without Borders

Posted By on January 1, 2021

Viste in a good cause is the slogan of, a created project to spread the task of the NGOs, helping them to finance its campaigns definitively, standardizing the consumption of the t-shirts with shared in common message and approaching it the massive public. To be reunited in a single store allows to know a great variety causes to which to support acquiring articles of organizations different and to easily choose that one with which each person identifies itself more. This innovating store online reunites under a common space to NGOs that develop a fundamental work in third sector: ACNUR, Architects Without Borders, the Foundation Vicente Ferrer, Global Humanitarian, Greenpeace, InterMon Oxfam, Intervida, Doctors Without Borders, Clowns Without Borders, CATHEDRAL BirdLife, Survival and SETEM.Educative, sanitary, environmental, pacifist projects, of aid to the refugees or protection of the childhood with which they are possible to be collaborated simply using one of his t-shirts: not only bottoms are contributed to finance their programs but in addition it is contributed to the diffusion of its campaigns. It could say that each user and user become protagonist of an announcement in movement. bets by the most impressive messages of the catalogue of designs of the own NGOs, in which they appear creations of Marshal, Kukuxumusu, among others, and of the own equipment of the vestibule, directed by an expert designer in shared in common merchandising, Merc Vials. The challenge is to attract this nontie to the shared in common activities nor brought back to consciousness public with the work that realise these organizations. encloses in the delivery of each product packed in materials recyclings an informative pamphlet on the work of the NGO to which it identifies this article, apart from which in its Web it includes direct links with each organization so that the internauts can know their activities in a single click. This store online, whose prices fix the NGOs, responds to the associate ethical commitments to the right commerce and exclusively acquires materials to suppliers that guarantee the labor conditions, sanitary and environmental in which their employees work.. McCormick & Co is likely to agree.

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