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Posted By on November 16, 2013

I think that only they need an infinite capacity of production of anything and everything! Only they interesting that we have been taught that it is necessary to further our involvement in their production, firms, banks! And many take it or have to accept that lifestyle civilization! More and more people to think: what are the deep and the original causes of dissatisfaction with life, fate, time spent in the eternal work of someone else’s uncle? I am sure that it is time to change both themselves and the world! Although this possibility and the need has always been! But Now, even all the “benefits” of civilization will not abandon the cause of these changes! We all see and meet people who choose other styles of life! “What makes them do it?” – Is perplexed us? “How can you refuse warm and comfortable apartments, from delicious food and everyday, to entertainment, from the vices and temptations? how?

“But all these things give us this very lack of freedom and complete dependence on a handful of power-hungry people! All, and especially in large cities aims to strengthen and build this lack of freedom, so that people could not refuse such a lifestyle. And the other we do not know, and one issued by society as a shameful and low, as failure! Bums – that may be worse in our society But this is the acquisition of personal freedom from the imposed lifestyle of modern society! Suggest the old homeless shelter, a job that requires submission to an imaginary rules leadership, and abandon all homeless! A hippie, 60’s – is not attempted such a protest India, Tibet, the “primitive” tribes, the Russian Old Believers – is also a way to escape from the dictates of a handful of people. And our education and child-rearing is also defined by someone! Children are taught in schools set entirely unnecessary for their age and sometimes even harmful information! And the structure of their own body and soul – do not know. They do not know what place in this world they occupy and for what purpose. What is this world? How many creatures inhabit it, and they demand respect and love! Numbers, letters, formulas – and what they know about their roots, their ancestors, the history of bygone civilizations? What do they know about macrocosm – our common home? All that we do not know even after the “prestigious” university! Why?

But we know how to use a cell phone, internet, television, etc., etc. We have already degenerated spiritually and physically! No zaboristogo “buzz” is not written any poetry, no music, no sense of life I do not propose in this article! I just want people to at least have questioned the correctness of such a life! And by questioning once a person starts to think: something is not right! And something must be done! We must start with yourself! In the end, every creature need only love and respect! And this is all what we want now is the millennium.

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