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Posted By on November 5, 2013

Wooden boxes were appreciated as containers from the time of the Egyptians. From cosmetics to jewellery or any kind of treasures, the boxes are still precious containers for anything that people want to save. What are the wooden boxes? A box is a cube used for transporting or storing things. Most of the boxes are rectangular in shape, but can also be square. Boxes for storing hats of women are round. Boxes can be opened by removing, lifting or sliding cover, which can be attached to the housing by means of hinges or fastened with padlocks. The boxes are practical and decorative and wooden boxes are the most popular. The basic design of a box design is simple: four sides with an upper and a lower.

However, what makes the craftsman then with this simple construction is wooden boxes which gives its eternal appeal. Boxes can be designed with hinged or caps with caps that are lifted. They can be painted or be embedded with small pieces of wood that they form a picture or a design. The designer’s imagination is the only limit for the decorative design of a box. Types of wooden boxes regardless of anything, the boxes are still boxes, so often the use that will be given determines its type. Some may be boxes for trinkets, to save small souvenirs or jewelry such as rings or earrings. Some boxes can be made to store jewelry and have several Interior sections or small drawers in order to save all the jewels of a lady. Large and decorated, wooden boxes such as trunks or Cedar chests are used to store household items such as blankets or family heirlooms. Why use wooden boxes? Wooden boxes are not only functional, its feeling and scent evoke a romantic nostalgia for the times that were not so aerodynamic and mechanical as the modern era.

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