Reality Negation

Posted By on June 21, 2020

From then on, we find some points where we can find the theory of Freud on defense mechanisms. The here described defenses they are forms that psique has of if protecting of the internal and external tension. The defenses prevent the reality (repression), exclude the reality (negation, redefine the reality (rationalization) or invert it (reactive formation). They place internal feelings in the external world (projection), divide the reality (isolation) or of it they escape (regression). (FADIMAN, J; FRAGER, R) the couple starts to dialogue on the night that had passed together and this was a strong point, therefore, had negation of the part of the William doctor, when to its it asked it woman if it paquerou some of the women who it had talked. It answered that not, being certainly clear a man to paquerar two pretty young women as he was shown in the film. It is not of as much certainty this mechanism of defense, therefore, this art we will discover to little, that it is the art to know if it is a negation or if is only one mere lie.

In this hot colloquy, he asked it to the woman why it would not go pra bed with another woman. It used of the called mechanism of defense rationalization, that is a process to find acceptable reasons for unacceptable thoughts and actions. William had projected (projection) in its woman an image of perfect woman: good wife, good mother, that is, qualities, feelings and intentions that if they originated from he himself. Alice in the same night, in the same colloquy confessed, it to have sensible attraction for another man, and that at the same time where thought about running away with it and releasing it and the son, it also thought if it would leave alone. At this moment we can see the beginning of the Pleasure, given for the unconscious one where not, it does not exist and the beginning of the Reality, given for daily pay-conscientious and the conscientious one where the morality is present.

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