In Love, There Is Always Some Madness .

Posted By on February 1, 2021

You walk down the deserted pier to the unknown. Nowhere else can not hear any other sounds. Only the sound of the evening tide, and the wind-robber, rustling leaves, whistling from time to time. Golden Moon looks at you and good-naturedly envious. But a wave rolled ashore and sprayed with cold drops of your bare feet. Goosebumps ran down his back, and you all shudder. But you are not afraid nor dead of night, nor the raging sea, threatening to envelop you waves at any moment. Indeed, a number that is the only one whose hands will warm in any cold, whose heart beats in a rhythm with yours.

Enough to you to look into his eyes, and you're ready to do anything for him. Walk with him on the edge of the world to find meaning in pointless things to argue about anything, to give his life in exchange for a smile. And as well, leaning against his chest to feel his heart beating under your hand, feel his breath on her forehead, and enjoy this minute silence. Yes, you know that crazy in love – from her … and from his friends say … Let you wake: "Crazy!!! But you know exactly what it is madness for you two. It is divided between you and him, and it is not so bad. Give yourself the wind, release the soul from the tight rein monotony of everyday life, farewell to the mind for a moment, and not afraid to go crazy if he's the one and only keeps its fingers on the pulse of your life …

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