Deus Humanity

Posted By on February 1, 2021

This is not the wisdom that goes down there of the high one; before, she is terrena, animal and demonic. Therefore, where it has envy and faccioso feeling, there it has confusion and all species of bad things.). This is the consequence of the ones that they sow in the meat, they harvest for its proper prediction and they lose the joy of the life, the salvation and the presence of God. If this is the reason of the humanity to be trifler, fits the question: How to win the sin? The sin alone could be looser for the humanity when this to return to the knowledge of God, the Escritura Saint speaks regarding the release of the action of the sin for the restoration of the knowledge of God (Joo 8:32 and you will know the truth, and it will free you to the truth.), the sin that storm and ruin the humanity is looser for a truth of God. All the Bible says and points to this truth (Joo 6:45 is written in the prophets: will be all taught by God. Therefore, all that one that of the part of the Father has heard and learned, this comes me.). This knowledge of the truth that in them brings the release of the sin is the full knowledge of the Person of Christ (Joo 14:6 Answered Jesus to it: I am I walk, and the truth, and the life; nobody comes to the Father seno for me.), this truth is the Christ de Deus who in religa It. The humanity rproba and unprovided of God is not rejected for God, before God leads it to He himself (Joo 16:13 when to come, however, the Spirit of the truth, it will guide you to all the truth; because she will not speak by itself, but she will say everything what she will have heard and will announce you the things that have to come.

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