Edgar Allan Poe

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The black cat Edgar Allan Poe this tale tells the story of an event without saying as call characters; narrated that a character has a passion for animals, and its latest acquisition after marriage has been a cat. One day came drunk grabbed the cat and as he didn’t like the way of looking at him I pluck an eye, later repented but Jack stayed without one of his eyeballs. Shortly after he decided to end the suffering of the poor cat and I hanged on a tree when he was on the way home was a large concentration of onlookers in front of it, the House was burning, I woke up from the dream with the cry of fire! The curtains of my bed were in flames; whole house burned. After a terrifying fire only they were a pair of partitions on foot, everything else was completely calcined, siniestro total but without human lives of through, this man went to see what was left of his house, entered and saw a room divider that I call attention, was that seemed almost intact, is fixed, and could distinguish the silhouette of the wall the image of a cat after a time, their situation was relatively normal, had House, woman, projects future, etc. but one day going for drinks at a bar found a cat and decided to adopt him, and took him home. He noticed that the cat looked at him wrong, it only fiaba from his wife, not he showed signs of affection, nor followed him, nor him toward case. A day that had drunk I come home drunk and decided to kill the cat grabbed an axe and echo back and unintentionally killed his wife, because she had put back to see what this man was going to do but received the hack.

mato it a coup. This seeing the scene, decided to make a hole in the wall, and got to the corpse, I covering it as if the wall was intact, continued their intention to kill the cat, it didn’t. A short time later. The people suspected of the strange disappearance of his neighbor and police criminalized as a main suspect. One day the agents decided to go home to make an inspection, they found nothing, but began to be heard meows from basement agents were guided by them and turned out to be behind the wall they threw her and saw that there was a cat Meow and a dead woman. Characters no names: primary: secondary man: tertiary cats: women other: police, neighbors and agents. By: Angie Marcela corner Naranjo for teacher: Liliana Vargas literate and teaching of Spanish. Bibliography: Book to wind the black cat and other stories.

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