Don Gonzalo

Posted By on July 23, 2013

Pity. And I say that for me, I would be remiss, but by the panorama of contradictions and contrasts that offers perhaps more chaotic half century history of Spain. In it, incidentally, occupies a very important place Don Miguel. It is that Spaniards are chaotic by nature took part Torrente. And not to mention the contradictory! Once came to Salamanca a U.S.

teacher and wondered how a people as hot as we had not participated in any of the major international wars. The answer, I said, is very simple. Which one? I could not but ask. It is the same as the gringo that asked me. Le I told the truth: look, mister, what will we really, what you chifla us a lot, it is killing us amongst ourselves.

We carry nearly century and a half doing it. Kill foreigners does not give us even half of taste. It is an activity which we believe up to tacky, fixed. You always so exaggerated, Don Gonzalo laughed Martin Gaite. No, don’t think that you exaggerate replied, Dour, Tovar. It’s a perfectly verifiable historical constant. In almost three centuries we only participate in two contests against foreigners. One, the war against the French, was almost a domestic conflict between pro-French and reactionary with the occupation of our territory by invading troops. In the other, against United States, got us into it in tandem Randolph Hearst and Teodoro Roosevelt, without that we have art or part. Man, is a too schematic version of what happened again to intervene the only female of the gathering. No, no. It is strictly accurate. The same thing happens with other typically national constant: the oblivion of the Spaniards who deserve to be remembered. Why calls attention to the exhibition and the tribute to Don Fili, who is here today. It is not usual to occur that memory.

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