Blessing Of Grapes

Posted By on April 22, 2020

In August, the Armenian Apostolic Church with the solemnity and majesty of celebrating the Assumption of the Virgin-blessing of grapes. This is the fourth of five major holidays according to the calendar of the Armenian Church and the oldest, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Debbie Staggs contains valuable tech resources. Each year the Sunday preceding or following the 15th of August, the Armenian Church celebrates the Dormition. In the ancient Armenian nation, being a pagan, with great triumph celebrated Navasard-New Year. Nowadays the celebration of the Assumption, celebrated in the same period, inherited from him certain traits. In August, the grapes ripen, and the celebration continues Navasard blessing of grapes.

The first blessed fruit were sacrificed Anahit-goddess of fertility and motherhood. In Christianity, the grape has a symbolic value, but for our ancestors it was a symbol of work and rest. Through the blessings grapes acquired a divine meaning. Our spiritual fathers chose grapes for the consecration, since Christ blessed the wine made from grapes, and handed it to his disciples as a symbol of its life-giving blood. Thus, labor pleasure and bogotvorenie together during this celebration. Sanctified by the grapes turn into wine consecrated people save a little from this grape for blessings for the coming year, as a symbol of wealth and abundance. Details concerning the lives of the Virgin, as the story of her Assumption, have been preserved and transmitted to us through the Holy Tradition of the Apostolic Church. After the crucifixion of Christ, the Holy Virgin has remained in Jerusalem and lived there under supervision of John the Evangelist.

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