Young Maidens

Posted By on July 8, 2013

If you closer to the romantic image of a fresh young maiden, then preference should be given a lush hair (as an example we can recall a young Mireille Mathieu). The use of strong fixing means for stacking will create, in contrast, cool, very graphically the image with a completely smooth hair. By the way, both options might look nice in a business environment, and therefore suitable for a business woman. But for any length of your hair (and strictly so, Strictly speaking, no one is going to regulate), preferably all the same accent fringe. And this is also characteristic of this season. More recently, we talked about equal to the length of hair, thick curls framing your face, and now we offer the most daring experiments it with a bang. This may be a long and very dense 'French' bang, not less long, but strongly thinned thinning; strictly aligned along the line or raised eyebrows two to three fingers above it; asymmetric or cutting, on the bias Whatever you choose, remember that the fringe implies special demands on the makeup and special-spaced accents.

For example, if you 'stepped' eyes and left pale lips, and then a long fringe curtain, then 'lost' almost the whole face. Since the tradition for business women still require a more formal appearance, consistently remains among the favorites and high beam at the back. Here are just in the coming season, he gets a few more liberated and flirty look. On the one hand, it has become more democratic – it seems that the strands are so carelessly put together, that some of them in randomly sticking out in different directions (but we are with you and I know how much effort this carelessness cost really!). On the other hand, the common bundle in the form of a tight cluttered with intricate details and decorations – interwoven strands of different shades, thin braids, asymmetry, unusual form hairpins. Yes, and the remaining hair on the head need not be perfectly smooth.

Today it is quite possible that they were a little wavy, and the individual strands may break out. But long 'horses' tails of the lines smooth hair that were so popular a couple of seasons in a row, apparently forgotten. Preference for a while (I think, a fairly short period of time) given tight decorative braids. Most clearly was beaten in the collection of Givenchy, where almost all the models were adorned with a crown in the form of clarified spit. From a sudden idea that served as a role model for Ukrainian 'Gas Princess' Yulia , in fact the collection is devoted to famous artist Frida Kahlo. But the spit today can be not only a crown around her head. Ironically, the discerning fashion houses such as Ferretti and Hermes, carelessly woven braid is used as a means of highlighting a certain bohemian appearance, its democracy. And it's funny at all possible uses dreadlocks eternal 'terrible child' Haute Couture John Galliano. But still retained Wizard of scissors and combs, and some more familiar to us silhouettes. Still relevant remain free flowing curls with a light wave and the parting. However, if the wave of the summer was almost over the entire length of hair, then Now the crown is smooth and the hint of curls moved only to the most ends. In principle, it looks pretty in Hollywood in the old tradition of the great movie stars.

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