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Cabin life is closely linked with the contact with nature, and that, what We have to take advantage and enjoy: take a NAP in the shade of a tree, take many pictures, see snow, admire the mountains, feel the smell of freshly cut, play with children grass (running, hidden, discover insects or animals, hammocks, etc.). 4 Included and extra services: at the moment of making the reservation, ask the manager or person in charge of the hut all the information about the services included in the rate. Request to send you such information via e-mail or fax. At the time of filing in the cabin, it will be useful to have this information printed. 5 Forms of payment and discounts: a new classic in these times of crisis. Find out what are the forms of payment offered: is usually cash, although some offer the possibility of payment with credit and debit cards.

Ask for promotions or discounts to guests for long stays or outside high season. Note You must make an advance payment, a hallmark as a reserve of the space that is usually through a transfer or bank deposit. In some cases, media such as Western Union or Correo Argentino are used for the rotation of money. 6 Web site: a very important factor in the decision will be able to compare between several huts of a destination elements such as: services included, optional services, photos, location, directions and advantages of the area. For that, it is advisable to seek information in specialized guides or portals of cabins, such as cabins Argentinas (www.cabaniasargentinas.com).

7. The security of booking: contact which one establishes with the cabin owners, to make the reservation, gives us a pattern of reliability or veracity thereof, either via mail or one gets telephone, with the tranquility of a good choice or not. 8 Travel with children and/or pets: If you plan to make your travel with children and/or pets, it is recommended to communicate it is beforehand to the owner of the cabin so you can adapt the workplace adequately. These are some of the recommendations to take into account at the time of Choose your cabin. The anxiety of the trip does not allow random place that you choose for you and your family. Look for their cabins at, the site dedicated to the promotion of tourist accommodation of type cabins, cabins with Spa, Lodges, Bungalows and Aparts, in all the Argentina.

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