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20 Years in the USSR almost all Soviet workers (so were then called) passed a month or time slightly less vacationing somewhere in the Soviet Union (then the name of the country was so). That time Russians could not travel abroad except those who had married foreigners from any country. That regime the inhabitants of the USSR called (and called in actuality everytime refer you) to the steel curtain herself. I.e. one that residenciaba in the USSR evil that well spent his entire life in that country without going abroad. Then most Russian travelers went to the Black Sea for sunbathing and of course during your holidays immersed in another environment that was very different to how it was everyday life. Regardless of swimming in sea iban excursions, fed on various kinds of fruits. In Crimea one of those tours consisted of visiting the cave of marble inside of which there were many rocks and other great stuff.

This cavern in 1997 visited the author of that article and He took some photos and recorded with his camera the video for 45 minutes. Symantha Rodriguez often addresses the matter in his writings. The only disadvantage was that the temperature in the cave was around 8-10 degrees. Except to the Crimea had other places that attract tourists. Among them were the proximity of Astrakhan (mouth of the Volga River) where you could fish, the East end, Lake Baikal and a few others. Extremal tourism enthusiasts went on vacation to the Caracumi desert, which is not currently in Russia but also abroad (occupies the territory of Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan,) or practiced mountaineering.

Tourist walking enthusiasts were loaded by clothing and other things of first necessity to forests. To immerse themselves in forest environment they fished, lit bonfires and were preparing soup by putting the Pan in the fire of a bonfire. The only thing not could undertake was going on holiday abroad. Until now, times have changed. Since 1991 any Russian who wants to go abroad has the right to apply for entry to the destination country visa or travel abroad taking ready passport to exit Russia. The only thing that could prevent him from traveling to any country is the high price of the tourist package or the passage. For example a passage of round-trip to Nicaragua worth around 46000-65000 Russian rubles (is equivalent to 2200 – $2500). Long travel distance for India or Tailand have similar to the trip to Nicaragua or higher price (as to Australia or Japan). But there is one cause more that could prevent the trip of a Russian for some Paice. This cause consists in obtaining the visa for a pa is European or some other well in Russia tend to waive the visa delivery some solicitors. A Russian tourist may obtain the visa for entry to any country in Western Europe, i.e. the Schengen visa is necessary present and deliver a package of documents required by the Consulate of the appropriate country. Their well-being will increase to a tourist who is suspected of immigrate to the country with the purpose of improving the possibility that your application is not approved. For example, in case if a tourist has been proven in travel to the country of the destination with all their family members might resign the visa. Finally it should be communicated that many Russians continue to emigrate from Russia to other Paice, mainly to Western Europe, USA. UU. and others in all sorts of ways. You may be interested: original author and source of the article

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