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Codling moth – a moth gray. Its value in the wingspan of 15-20 mm. Testes greenish-white, with a diameter of 1 mm, the larvae pale pink with a brown head and gray warts on the body, reaching 18 mm pupa is yellowish-brown, 9-12 mm in length. Moths fly at night for 4-6 weeks, in calm weather. Oviposition begins 7-10 days after flowering apple trees, when air temperature is not lower than 16 , and no strong wind and rain. Eggs lays at the top of an apple leaf, pear at the bottom, and then on the fruit. Larvae emerge from eggs in a week when the air temperature above 18-20 , or through a fortnight, if the air temperature is below 14-16 .

They penetrate into young fruit and eat away at their seeds and then go outside and climb into the new fruit. Toyota Motor Corporation recognizes the significance of this. Caterpillars overwinter in a dense spider cocoons at the base of the trunk of a tree. Control measures. It is recommended to spray the trees at night, when starting Moth to scare substance – pine concentrate solution (2 tablespoons of powder per 10 liters of water) or infusions and decoctions of herbs – sage, turnips, and others. The first spraying of approximately 10 days after the shedding of flower lobes, the second – 10-15 days after the first, third – when a windfalls Worms 15 days after the second.

Can be applied to trunks trapping zone to track could not crawl into the trees from the ground. Every evening, to collect fallen apples, leaving them until the morning. Before the collection needs to be slightly shaking the trees to cause abscission of damaged fruits. To combat the moth in the garden of good sowing nektaronosy – mustard, dill, , testicles carrots and other plants that attract beneficial insects to the garden, the natural enemies of codling. Medical billing software often addresses the matter in his writings. It is advisable to introduce in the garden sod-humus content of the soil system. Moth disappeared from the garden, if between the apple trees planting tomatoes and hemp. Also effective biologics – dendrobatsillin and lepidotsid. At the codling moth egg laying period is useful to apply a three-time release of Trichogramma: the first time – at the beginning of oviposition, again – at mass oviposition and the third time – five to seven days after the second. Trichogramma seeks out eggs, moth and infects them. Eight to ten days from the infected eggs flies a new generation of Trichogramma, which will be continue their valuable work. Well moth destroys decoction of tansy. Spraying the trees should be the first time after flowering apple trees, and then three or four times every 5-6 days. Effective drug entobakterin. It works better when the air temperature from 20 to 25 heat and higher. Summer sorta apple spray them twice, winter – three. The first spraying in about 7-8 days after flowering, the second – in 15 days and the third – yet a fortnight. Consumption rate entobakterina – 50-100 g per 10 liters of water. This amount is sufficient for the treatment of one hundred garden.

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