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Posted By on February 24, 2021

Do not be surprised that must begin with this. The principle of designing from the inside out – one of the cornerstones of modern architecture. First of all, try imagine how many people will live in the house (with the possible prospects, guests and servants, guards, nurses). What room you want to give each of them? In addition, the house have to be a living room, which can meet all of your family (not just for watching TV), a kind of spiritual center of the family. In the old tradition (adopted not only in Russian) in this role acts as a dining room. Living room, empty, almost all time, too nuzhna.Obyazatelno should consider their interests and think about the studio, library, museum, gym, pool, sauna, winter garden, movie room, fireplace. Remember that you are building a house for himself and not for friends, neighbors, acquaintances or distant relatives. Some psychologists believe that the large size bedrooms (20 square meters.

Meters) can cause anxiety in humans. Do you agree? They say that children should not be removed from the highly "Parent": the child needs help and support of adults. But if your child is prone to privacy and autonomy, perhaps you should not surround it unnecessary care? If you're planning a big house and the children you have small, it makes sense to make a separate game room or zone. Kids love all the unusual, mysterious, they need the nooks, the possibility of playing, go through several rooms: the so-called game trail which fall into the corridors, stairways and the space under them, storerooms and attics. Of course, game trails need to distance from the parent study. Do not rush to meet with the architect. It's better to mentally "wait" in invented by the house for a while, and then again return to the work done, and you'll want something intellectually remake.

The more clear and precise will be your vision, you state the architect, the easier achieve a positive outcome. Be sure to discuss all ideas with your family. Learn about and take into account the preferences of their relatives at the earliest stages of design: it is much nicer and cheaper. Need to communicate more and listen to each other, not just himself. You always have differences, be prepared for this. Therefore, the most suitable format of family conversations about the new house – a sort of humorous skit, and not parliamentary sitting stubbornly opposing factions. What else can you do to ensure that the house will certainly get a native and cozy? Try to integrate it into a pleasant experience for your child. May have loved you wake up in the attic under the roof and listen to the sound of rain or still remember your child's delight in the play of light colored stained glass? Try to reconstruct some details of the time. Thanks to your life becomes more homogenous.

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