| October 5, 2019

Hopelessly it wants to know like recovering to your ex- fianc2e without alejarloms for always? If you feel that I am impossible to reclaim to your ex- fianc2e I am here for decirte that almost all the ruptures can be reverted with the correct plan of battle. I want ensearte to reclaim your ex- fianc2e […]

LGTB Get Equal

| May 9, 2019

The six American military were chained to the fences of the White House afternoon of Tuesday with the purpose of to protest by the policy Don t Ask, Don t tell (you do not ask, you do not say). The participants, who were triggered of the fence were stopped to around the 13 hours, including […]

The Journey

| February 27, 2016

First that I say when rising, it begins to locate me in one first scene of how it is the intention with which I am going to journey the script of the day. The one is not another one that writes my script so that act I it, then I must internalizar and assume, that […]