Noam Chompsky

| February 22, 2021

There are details that should not be neglected when one presents a business model to a group of investors. I would add to this article that there is some analogy (to roughly) with the way in which a student presents their thesis or dissertation. While it is true that the important thing is the intangible […]

Management And Trade

| April 17, 2020

In the storm it is when it is known the good pilot. Sneca Majorities the function of markets every time one faces new knowledge, tools that favor to him in their objectives, reaches and that guarantee to the company profits, more in the present scenes where the commercialization indicates more dynamics and where the companies […]

Basic Tools

| April 12, 2020

To know the tools basic to manage an account of Twitter, can be your salvation if you have decided sumergirte in the world of microblogging. Although if what you wish is solely to promote your services/products, olvdate, by many tools of Twitter that you use, little aid is going to you to provide to be […]