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Posted By on March 26, 2020

According to we have been able to read in the vestibule cnet the headaches for the Asian giant could be still far from disappearing. And it is that a group of hackers would have announced a new big wave of attacks against the network PlayStation Network, whose security has been it jeopardize for few weeks. In the mentioned vestibule one comments that several hackers could be preparing a new offensive against the servants of Sony, and that this time is contemplated the publication of data. On the part of Sony, already it was dropped the accusation to the group of Anonymous activists, when weeks ago several Webs of Sony, among them and, was attacked by means of the technique of distributed refusal on watch (DDoS). On the other hand, Anonymous has realised declarations in which any participation in the attacks denies, since, according to they have declared, his group does not share the robbery of data of credit cards. In any case, it seems that Sony is in the objective of certain groups of the Network, and we will see if the tests that Sony is making in its servants to equip them with greater security they have its effect..

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