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According to Ulrich, the studies show that close to nature design has a positive effect, which reduces stress and emotional well-being increased. Pain be alleviated and other health progress. In accordance with the result of this study, many hospitals are already working on facilities with natural aspects such as gardens or Windows with views of the nature. The study results of Ulrichs and other researchers emphasize the benefits of natural representations, especially realistic images of sunny and wide landscapes or underwater scenarios are recommended in health facilities. The majority of adults from diverse cultural backgrounds prefers the nature compared to other art representations. Interestingly, children prefer nature instead of rather abstract, in the cartoon-like images. Indeed seem non-nature-related”representations in health care facilities to have no positive effect on healing processes.

While natural images such as paintings and photos to a relaxing environment contribute, vivid illusions of nature have a much stronger effect, because body and mind of the Viewer to respond, as if they were in the open air. The sky factory the sky factory with its headquarters in the United States, it specialises in developing illusions of nature in the form of virtual roof and wall Windows. The sky factory SkyCeilings effectiveness is achieved through installations, outwit the spirit and body, and they make on the illusions to react as if it were the real nature. To outwit the cleverness of the modern spirit, the sky factory on the thorough control of more than twenty design familiar elements, in the same way as it does with his tools a magician to a convincing illusion to demonstrate. So, for example, the use of specific frequencies of light helps to illuminate the pictures so that unlike the real world is not. An affordable but effective means to bring the nature in betrubende medical facilities. Particularly noteworthy are constricting MRL and other spaces of radiotherapy, where the contact with the real nature is otherwise impossible.

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