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Posted By on October 24, 2020

Locking caps protect employees who work on electrical circuits and protect them against dangerous reconnection of industrial plants to protect against dangerous reactivation of industrial machinery, or during repair or maintenance work macro has equipment IDENT different locking caps. These protect employees who work on circuits in the industry. The locking caps from macro primarily IDENT shutting off of fuse elements for industrial plant and machinery. They used to protect employees, working on electrical circuits. You protect them safely against dangerous reconnection (VDE 0105). In the range of the Munich-based company for work safety has D 01 D 02, ND, D II and D III (locking CAP) different covers for the fuse elements.

Under these names hide the thread, E14, E16, E18, E27 and E33. The locking caps for example are used, staff just to point out, that a backup was taken from the fuse element. These could be removed, therefore, because maintenance work or repairs currently on one particular industrial plant rather than find. Digital video recorder may find this interesting as well. The operators away from the box is therefore by careless reactivation of the industrial plant or machine, just working on the, it is protected. The locking caps are screwed instead of the fuse-link and the screw cap with a special key in the corresponding fuse element. The key is introduced until it stops.

The locking CAP is turned slightly, until it is firmly seated in the thread. The lock cap from unauthorized removal is not possible. Without this special key, the lock caps are screw in a security element, nor to unscrew the back. Staff are immediately visually noted that here a backup was taken out, any locking cap on the front page contains inscription clearly visible “In work” – “Locked”. The locking CAP is guarded, has a striking red top, and concludes that for yourself Current leading risk parts out. These sealing caps for industrial use is highly recommended by the trade associations and safety engineers. The locking caps are made of durable plastic. There is even the possibility to seal the lock caps. The collar shaped lock management is provided with a cross boring. Thus, a secure locking and sealing ability of the Castle opening is possible. The leaden seals with wire are also available at macro IDENT. Company Description macro IDENT – Lockout-Tagout solutions is a well-known specialist for effective and professional systems to the locking, blocking, marking of pipelines, equipment, machines and mechanical appliances in industrial, craft, marine and construction. To back up, blocking, locking and identification of various industrial plants and machines macro has a wide range of different (lockout) blocking systems and (Tagout) IDENT security trailer and the matching security locks. For the protection of Special Sicherheitskonstrollsysteme (E.g. Scafftag ) are available scaffolding, ladders, small machines, hazardous substances, etc. MACRO IDENT has in addition a wide range of different ribbons for the pipe marking, hazardous material and GHS symbols, shut-off and marking systems and a broad portfolio of security labels and signs printer for the mono or color printing.

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