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Daily in restaurants, cafes and pizzerias the world visitors are eating more than 500 million pizzas. And how many shop bought so popular semi-finished or cooked this dish at home! Uncomplicated baked burrito and spices won the hearts of millions of gourmet – regardless of their level of wealth and social position in society, religious and socio-political views. But how cosmopolitan is "closely" in the their national culture, and the pizza was not enough just sunny Italy. There are many variations of this "world citizen" – a magnificent American, acute Mexican, Sicilian, the Japanese "okonomiyaki" Indian cottage cheese, folded in half, "calzone." You can enumerate a long time. European and Asian cultures, not only borrowed this tasty Mediterranean dish, but adapted it according to your tastes. Interesting facts about pizzas Since people learned how to bake cakes with fillings, we can talk about the birth of the idea of pizza, prototypes of this culinary masterpiece. This happened about 6000 years ago in ancient Egypt. It is known that the Persians in many military campaigns also love to pamper yourself tortillas with cheese and dates.

This dish was also known to the ancient Etruscans, another great people of antiquity. The ancient Greeks served as the prototype of a pizza baked flat bread, which was called plakuntos. On the raw dough, they laid out the cheese, onions, vegetables and greens, doused with olive oil and baked. Is not it true, is very similar to modern recipes? Incidentally, the tomatoes had not yet been known to the Mediterranean. Such bread and loved the ancient Romans – the well-known connoisseurs of delicious and good food. They have complicated the recipe and changed their name to placenta. In their pizza did not cost them anything to add, for example, honey. On the other version of the recipe "pitsei" – unleavened bread and vegetables – have brought the Roman legionaries in Palestine.

The origin of this popular cake is still debate. Nevertheless, the right to be called the birthplace of pizza this jealously Italy defends, but rather Naples. This is no accident. It was in this city, who was then a small kingdom, first prepared pizzas – such as we know and love today. In the early morning special master pizza (Pizzaiolo) round cake made of flour and olive oil. They tossed dough circular movements upwards, covered it with fresh tomatoes and bacon, adding the garlic and herbs (basil or oregano), anchovies and mushrooms and baked in special wood-fired oven at high temperature. This method of cooking is now considered a classic. After they folded pizza in a special round metal barrel and carried them to the port – for sale. It was in Naples in the XVIII century the first pizzeria, which very much resembled the modern ones. Pizza – Italian cuisine pizza was considered a poor meal. Later, after almost a century, it "tasted" the royal court. Queen Maria Carolina, wife of Ferdinand IV, regaled his guests with pizza, cooked in your own oven. And in 1889, thanks to exquisite Queen Margaret of Savoy, and excellence Raffaele Esposito to pizzaiolo light pizza was born – the standard of "Margarita" (tomatoes, mozzarella and basil). Along with her classic Neapolitan pizza authorities called "Marinara" and the "Margherita Extra." A passion for unpretentious dish has spread not only in Italy but all over the world!

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